Monday, April 23, 2012

Memoranda Deorum

Memoranda Deorum

Open Thine Eyes
The wind whispered.
Or was it voice human.
A tear from Her Eye fell.
Sky wept.
Hush, said She, listen.
Forgotten, said He.
Aeolus' message louder ring.
Listen, O' Mother, said He.
I hear, O' Father!
Immortal Children! Hear!
Reverent, voices rise!
Of those who remember!
Arise, by whatever name
Thou are called!

Old tales told
Voices plea to Gods.
Listen, listen, said He!
Peacock to remind sent
By Regina's hand.
Heaven's tears stayed
By Diespiter might.
Perfume, oxen, lamb et wine
Brought to altars
Gods for boons
Vows of promise upon receipt
In sacrifice and feast
O’ Immortals, by whatever name
Thou are called
Forgotten you shall never be!


*Note this prose is the product of a new moon ceremony and meditation

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