Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mask Creation Workshop; Spiritual, Ancestral, Personal Exploration

Quam copiosae enim suavitatis illa recordation est: in eodem domicilio antequam nascerer habitavi, in isdem incunabulis infantiae tempora peregi, esodem appellavi parentes, eadem pro me vota excubuerunt, parem ex maiorum imaginibus glorian traxi!
With how much abundance of pleasure that memory is filled: I lived in the same house before I was born, I spent my infancy in the same cradle, I called the same people my parents, they made the same vows for me, I inherited the same glory from the masks of the ancestors!
~ Valerius Maximus 5.5 140B.C.E

Linda et Jamie
Angie, Burnell, Nick and Tiger

Burnell and his Mask

Angie's Mask
Nick's Mask

An excellent, and fun, workshop. What was to be a four hour tour stretched to six hours from 6pm to Midnight. Those attending learned how to make a mold to support the clay sculpture during the curing and also how to condition the clay, which was an unexpected lesson in "waiting is" for the new artists! Finally they began on the actual sculpture of the mask which took self discipline and concentration served on a bed of creativity and inspiration. They also came away with a greater appreciation of artists and their craft: as Jamie said "I had no idea what was involved, I thought we would put the clay on a mold and than ...decorate." Once the masks had the features sculpted than they decorated them with items that could be cured (other items will be added later  at their private domus.)
By the time the masks were cured it was midnight so they were lovingly packed up with their owners and we bid each other farewell until next time!

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